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On Delhi riots, Ajit Doval’s courage and Trump

AKB1411 National Security Adviser Ajit Doval deserves praise for the manner in which he brought the spiralling communal violence in North East Delhi under control. The decision to send Doval to control riots in Delhi was taken at the highest level hours before the US President Donald Trump was scheduled to leave Delhi.

Doval spent almost the entire Tuesday night at Ground Zero, spoke to senior police officials and interacted with local community leaders in Seelampur, Jaffrabad, Maujpur and Gokulpuri, worst hit by violence, to restore peace.

He was back in the riot-hit areas on Wednesday afternoon. Doval visited the residential localities, knocked on people’s doors and assured commoners on the streets that they were now safe. “Whatever has happened, has happened, there will be peace now”, he told people whom he met on the streets.

Doval is not a politician, he is one of the seniormost bureaucrats. He could well have sat inside his air-conditioned office, prepared a strategy and could have issued orders, but he preferred to go straight to where the action was. First, he visited the violence-hit areas late in the night to assess the exact situation, toned up the police force and assured local community leaders about steps to restore peace.

The results were evident the very next day. There was no more violence despite tense calm prevailing in the localities. By visiting the riot-hit areas, Doval gave a clear message to the people that they should have nothing to worry. He met both Hindus and Muslims and heard their grievances.

Secondly, Doval’s visit gave a big boost to the sagging morale of Delhi police, which had been battling communal violence that had escalated for three days in a row. Doval gave a message to the police force that he did not believe in sitting in his office at a time when policemen were battling the goons on the streets.

One head constable lost his life, an Intelligence Bureau staffer was killed and his body was thrown into a drain, and acid bombs were hurled at policemen. Into this cauldron of violence, Doval summoned the courage to visit, without wearing a helmet and a bulletproof vest. The officers of Delhi Police needed a courageous leader who could give them the right direction, and Doval showed the way.

It has now come to notice that the violence in Delhi was part of a premeditated plan to create widespread unrest during the US President’s visit. The violence was not spontaneous. Modi baiters had hoped that the international media accompanying Trump would take notice of the violence and the US President would make comments on the issue of CAA, giving a handle to India’s enemies.

Trump preferred not to speak on CAA and said that he believed in Prime Minister Modi who can take all sections of society with him. On the issue of Kashmir too, Trump spoke carefully, disappointing Pakistan and its PM Imran Khan.

Do not for a moment think that Trump took this careful approach because of the huge ovation he got in Gujarat. In fact, he discussed these issues with Modi and was fully convinced with the policy and intentions of the Indian government. Needless to say that convincing an outspoken leader like Trump was not an easy job for Modi.

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