Rajat Sharma

Nitish Kumar on Liquor Ban

Nitish Kumar was lauded by all when prohibition was imposed in Bihar. However the manner in which the law is being implemented with many cases coming to the forefront, it has invited lot of criticisms. If caught, not just the offender but his family and the entire village would be held responsible as per the provisions of the act and a hefty fine of Rupees Five Thousand to be imposed on such poor families. Incase of any irregularities found in any area, the officer in-charge of the police station would be suspended and would not get any posting in any police station for the next ten years. Such draconian sections have been condemned by people but the Bihar Chief Minister maintains that there are vested interests who are bent upon misinforming people. In that case how does one justify the entire village being held culpable? Or under what provisions have ten cops been suspended?

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