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Narendra Modi gives a clarion call to Indian youths

rajat-sir Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Friday wore a green Sikh cadet turban to address the annual PM’s NCC Rally at Delhi Cantonment. In his speech, Modi said, he was proud of the fact that he had been an active NCC cadet during his school days, and it was the valuable training that he got at NCC, that played a big role in inculcating the ideas of ‘Rashtra Dharma’ (duty to nation) and “Desh Seva” (service to the nation) since the time when he was a teenager.

“No religion is bigger than Rashtra dharma”, Modi said, adding, “No devotion is greater than Rashtra Bhakti (devotion to the nation), and no service is greater than ‘Rashtra Seva’. ..My training during my NCC days is playing a big role as I continue my duty as Prime Minister”.

Modi said, ideas of patriotism and national service are inculcated not only by joining the armed forces. These ideas take growth during the formative years when one joins the NCC. “To think about national interest every minute of your life, to think about ways to offer your service to the nation, to desire to do something great for our nation – these are ideas that come to mind when one joins the NCC, Modi said.

The Prime Minister appealed to NCC cadets to ensure that students studying in schools and colleges are free from drugs. “Most of you know how drugs are ruining our young generation. How can drugs reach schools and colleges where there is NCC-NSS? As young cadets, you must ensure that every youth is free from drugs”, Modi said.

The young generation of India, the PM said, has taken India to the Number 3 slot, by setting up start-ups and unicorns. “All these were created during Covid pandemic. It shows their mental strength. Over 50 unicorns came into existence in India during the Covid pandemic”.

Youths, he said, can play a big role in promoting “vocal for local” by ensuring that every Indian buys products made by Indians. Over one lakh new cadets have been enrolled in NCC in border areas during the last two years, he said. Ninety universities across India have added NCC as an elective subject in their curriculum, and our youths should take advantage of this, he added.

“It is a proud moment for us as girls are now joining Sainik Schools to join the armed forces. The number of NCC girl cadets is rising. Our daughters are now flying fighter jets in the Air Force. More girl cadets must now be included in the NCC”, Modi said.

There is nothing new in the Prime Minister speaking to NCC cadets at their annual rally. The points he raised were also not new, but these remarks reflect the thinking of our Prime Minister. Modi has always been saying, those were born after independence, could not get the chance “to die” in the struggle for India’s freedom, but they now have the opportunity “to live for the nation”. Modi has always been telling youths, “do not dream of becoming great, dream about doing something great for the country”. Our young generation must take inspiration from Modi’s exhortations.

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