Rajat Sharma

Muslim clerics should come forward to stop Triple Talaq, Nikah Halala

It is heartrending to watch Muslim women narrating their ordeals once they are given Triple Talaq by their husbands. According to Sharia customs, these women can return to their husbands only after they perform Nikah Halala, wherein they have to marry another person, get talaq and then return. Even this custom of Nikah Halala is being misused by men, which is really perturbing. This centuries-old custom undoubtedly goes against all norms of humanity. It amounts to disrespect and atrocity towards women. I admire the courage of Muslim women who are coming forth to narrate their ordeals. A large section of people in Muslim community is against this tradition. They should also come forward in solidarity with these women. Moreover, Islamic scholars, clerics, maulanas and moulvis should understand the problems of Muslim women, and come forward to stop the traditions of Triple Talaq and Nikah Halala.

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