Rajat Sharma

Mulayam moves out of the grand allaince

Mulayam Singh Yadav’s party does not have much impact in Bihar. During the 2010 polls, there were 146 candidates from Mulayam’s party. None of them won. But during the 2005 polls, there were 142 candidates from SP out of which 4 won. But again in October, Mulayam Singh placed 156 candidates out of which just 2 won and both these candidates joined JDU just after winning the polls. Even then, Lalu Yadav will try to convince Mulayam Singh. He will make him understand. If the alliance breaks, BJP will benifit out of it. But sources have said that Mulayam Singh is firm on his decision. He will place candidates in 50 seats. And if Mulayam places candidates, then Lalu and Nitish know that they will be in trouble.

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