Rajat Sharma

Motive still not clear about Pradyumna’s killer

Pradyamun Murder CaseMany of the questions relating to the brutal murder of Pradyumna seem to have been resolved as of now. There was only one killer, the child’s neck was slashed twice with a knife, the victim could not scream because his vocal chord was bleeding, and the killer helped in taking the child to the hospital in order to show that he had nothing to do with murder. The killer was caught, but one vital question begs an answer. What was the motive? Why did the murderer kill the child? He had no enmity with the child, nor was there any sign of sexual assault. The accused had no previous criminal record. What was the reason that triggered the attack? What did the victim see which the killer did not want the world to know. Police is still trying to find the real motive, and we hope the answer will come soon.

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