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Modi’s move to return undisputed Ayodhya land will initiate building of Ram temple

aaj ki baat_frame_13770By filing a writ petition in the Supreme Court seeking to return undisputed land in Ayodhya to their rightful owners, Prime Minister Narendra Modi has played a significant political card to address his core constituency. There have been growing pressures on his government, particularly from RSS and affiliates, that the Ram temple be built in Ayodhya on a war footing.

With the hearing in Supreme Court on the original dispute dragging, the Centre has sought to initiate the path for building Ram temple by filing this petition. Most of the followers of Lord Ram, particularly sadhus and Vishwa Hindu Parishad supporters, are happy with the Centre’s step. Almost the entire opposition, including the Congress, SP and BSP are silent on this issue, as they are wary of facing the wrath of Ram devotees.

In a single stroke, Prime Minister Modi has effectively replied to his detractors, who were making strident demands for early construction of Ram temple. Nearly 42 acres out of the 67 acres of land sought to be returned, belongs to Shri Ram Janmabhoomi Nyas, which can easily start the construction of Ram temple. This will fulfill centuries-old demands and aspirations of Hindus, who had been seeking the return of the birthplace of Lord Ram.

The construction of Ram temple will open up an era of brotherhood and social harmony, and if a favourable SC verdict comes, the centuries-old Ayodhya dispute will be consigned to the pages of history. The famous architect from Gujarat, Chandrakant Sompura, has been working on the model of Ram temple for the last 30 years, and his son Nikhil Sompura, as architect, had been overseeing the cutting and polishing of stones required for the temple.

Work on the outer perimeter of Ram temple can begin with the construction of Lakshman temple, Hanuman temple and Ganesh temple, as provided for in the plan. According to the Centre’s petition, only 0.313 acres of land that constituted the three domes of Babri mosque, is disputed and the apex court’s verdict is awaited.

The beginning of the construction of Ram temple will be a landmark in Indian history. Never had been the enthusiasm at its zenith, since the opening of Somnath temple in Gujarat after Independence by the then President of India Dr Rajendra Prasad and the then Home Minister Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel. It will be a triumph of faith over disharmony, of restoration of justice over centuries of injustice, and of the primacy of the sovereign will of the Indian people over the naysayers.


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