Rajat Sharma

Modi on Rahul

Rahul Gandhi had hit out at Narendra Modi the other day and the manner in which the Prime Minister deflected every volley with finesse and decorum was witnessed by all today. But that aparat, certain suggestions made by the Modi are worth a mention. He spoke of the need to rise above party politics and work together towards improving primary education, take steps to save water and ensure judicial reforms so that justice is not delayed. He said he would like all parties to give their suggestions, point out the flaws of the government and also consider new policies. Essentially the Prime Minister through these issues would like to kick start some positive politics. On the 8th of March on International Women’s Day he said he would like only women MPs to speak while all others would listen to them. He even pointed out that one week should be devoted for only the first time MPs who despite being talented and brimming with new ideas are generally shy of speaking out much. What Narendra Modi has recommended should not be difficult for parties to accept since these suggestions are bereft of any party politics.

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