Rajat Sharma

Modi Govt Has Played a Major Role in Abolition of Triple Talaq

22 Aug Aaj Ki BaatThe historic verdict by the Supreme Court has given Muslim women the long-awaited freedom from the 1,400-year-old curse of triple talaq. For years, I have been listening to the travails of Muslim women, who were living a life of fear lest their husbands utter the dreaded word ‘talaq’ thrice. Most of these women did not raise their voice against this practice all these years out of fear. Their only aim was to ensure that their husbands do not get angry. Their second worry was about ‘halala’, wherein if a husband utters ‘talaq’ thrice and then realizes his mistake, his wife would have to sleep with another man and then obtain talaq in order to remarry. One cannot understand the pain behind this dreadful practice, but today Muslim women are now free from such fear. They have now been empowered by this historic verdict.

Political interpretations of this landmark judgment have already begun. Some politicians have begun saying that Prime Minister Narendra Modi may now get the support of Muslim women. Whatever the interpretations are, the fact is that this verdict will bring a big change in the lives of Muslim women. They will be empowered and their contribution to the creation of a New India will increase. One will have to agree that PM Modi and his government have played a major role towards that end.

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