Rajat Sharma

Narendra Modi gets emotional during Q&A session at Facebook

Every mother has a special place in our lives and it is only but natural that Prime Minister Narendra Modi choked during a Q&A session at the Facebook Townhall with Mark Zuckerberg when the latter asked him about the importance of his mother in his life. To have been dubbed as faking emotions by senior Congress leader Anand Sharma is certainly not going to go down well with Party President Sonia Gandhi. As a mother herself, she is well aware of the special relationship that Rahul shares with her or for that matter the bond that Rahul and his grandmother Indira Gandhi shared. In fact it was at the AICC convention 2 years back in Jaipur, Rahul had similarly got emotional while recalling an incident with his mother. Would Anand Sharma even dare to question the Congress Vice President’s emotional outbreak?

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