Rajat Sharma

Let us not fall prey to fake Pakistani propaganda on social media

AKB 2On Wednesday, when Wing Commander Abhinandan, flying a Mig-21 Bison was taken into custody by Pakistani authorities, two videos immediately appeared on social media from Pakistani sources: one, showing the Wg Cdr being beaten by a group of Pakistani soldiers before being taken away by an officer, and the other, the blindfolded pilot disclosing his name, rank and service number.

As both these videos went viral on social media, there were outpourings of rage. It made the blood boil. By evening, Pakistani army tried to cover up these insulting videos by posting another video of Wg Cdr Abhinandan holding a cup of tea in hand, and ‘praising’ the Pakistani captors for their “kind treatment”. Circulation of such videos of a prisoner is prohibited under the Geneva Convention, because the motive was clearly to humiliate the prisoner and the Indian authorities, according to military legal experts.

India has already issued a demarche to Pakistan demanding early and safe return of the prisoner. We in India salute the brave pilot and pray for his safe return.

In this context, I would appeal to all our fellow countrymen not to fall prey to Pakistani propaganda on social media in these trying times. Let me make it clear that Pakistan is trying to beguile and mislead the world by speaking about peace while committing acts of military aggression across the Line Of Control. Its Air Force jets had targeted our military installations in Kashmir on Wednesday and were effectively repulsed by our valiant Air Force and Army.

Pakistan’s main aim is to foment acts of terrorism inside Kashmir and attack India stealthily from the back. In any conflict of such a nature, false and misleading propaganda through social media becomes an effective tool for the enemy. Whether it is the Pakistani PM or the Pakistani army spokesman speaking of peace, or whether it is a video of a prisoner “praising” Pakistan, these are all tools of war propaganda meant to befool the other side.

Our media should remain alert against such war propaganda, and the common man on the street should understand that all the videos that are circulated on social media are not true. They are part of the enemy’s strategy. I would once again appeal to all of you not to blindly accept such videos as gospels of truth, and refrain from circulating them among your friends and groups.

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