Rajat Sharma

Let there be no politicking over massacre of 39 Indians by ISIS in Iraq

Aaj-K-Baat_frame_10866Four years after 39 Indian construction workers were kidnapped by ISIS terrorists in Mosul, Iraq, the government finally announced in Parliament on Wednesday that the deaths of all these hostages have been confirmed through DNA tests. The remains of these workers were dug out after use of deep penetration radar in a desert.

The whole word knows what has happened in Iraq in the last five years, how ISIS went to the extremes of brutality to kill innocent people in cold blood. Lakhs of people lost their lives and their remains lie beneath the soil. It was an arduous task for former Army Chief and Minister of State for External Affairs V. K. Singh to trace the remains of the victims buried in the desert and match them with the DNA samples of their relatives based in India. He deserves kudos for his efforts.

As far as the delay is concerned, it is known to everybody that Mosul was in control of ISIS all these years, and only after the Iraqi army regained Mosul, efforts to trace the kidnapped Indians began in right earnest. No government can declare its 39 nationals dead based on the testimony of a single witness, who survived the massacre. Political parties should realize that this is a humane issue and there should be no politicking over this massacre.

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