Rajat Sharma

Let armed forces have proper grievance forums

The entire nation respects our jawans who work in the army, BSF, CISF, CRPF and other paramilitary forces. They salute their zeal and integrity. There are more than 12 lakh jawans and officers in the army, 3,08,862 jawans in the BSF, 2,57,025 jawans in the CRPF.

Naturally in such a huge armed force, there may be instances of deficiencies. The complaints aired by some of the jawans may be justified, they are being probed and taken care of.

But the question arises why jawans took to social media to air their grievances.

Government should create a forum where jawans could share their grievances fearlessly.

The manner in which the videos of jawans went viral on social media, lowers the prestige of these forces and this raises serious issues of indiscipline.

Our armed forces can avoid such embarrassment by creating credible forums for the jawans to ventilate their grievances.

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