Rajat Sharma

Law should show delinquent VIP brats their true place

akb_17 oct (003)On Saturday night, Ashish Pandey, the son of a Bahujan Samaj Party leader from UP, brandished his pistol in full view of others inside the portico of Hotel Grand Hyatt in New Delhi, and threatened a couple, after mouthing obscenities. Three young women accompanying him were also seen in the video mouthing filthy abuses at the couple, who appeared to be shaken.

The incident would have remained under wraps but the video, taken by one of the women accompanying Pandey, made its way to the social media. As news channels flashed the video, Delhi and UP police sprung into action, and the son of the politician went underground.

The young man, who was publicly displaying his swagger, holding the pistol in his right hand, and threatening the couple, suddenly vanished, realizing the enormity of his crime. Such people are enemies of civil society. They unleash their power with abandon, with scant regard to law, and go to the extent of committing murders and rapes.

This incident reminds one of Jessica Lal murder case, where the son of a heavyweight Haryana politician, shot at the model, who was acting as bartender, for refusing to serve him liquor.

The background check of Pandey’s family reveals that his father and uncle have already several criminal cases slapped against them, and yet they are part of our political system. Moreover, their son seemed to have learnt all the ropes from his seniors and has the temerity to swagger around, holding a pistol and threatening people in a public place.

Such offsprings of politicians brazenly use money, muscle and political power to evade jail. Time has come for the law to show them their right place, otherwise these brats will continue to indulge in muscle flexing and shock civil society with their tantrums.

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