Rajat Sharma

Killers caught manipulating law in Bihar, should act as a warning to all

Aaj Ki Baat 12th June 2017 Episode

The sordid state of affairs in Bihar exposed by Operation Bhavani, showed killers walking out of jails, posing as juvenile delinquents, with the help of fake school certificates. This is indeed unnerving. INDIA TV’s team of reporters met families of victims, painstakingly compiled details of killers who came out of jails to again commit murders, obtained audio recordings of stings carried out on a principal, and found to their dismay, that in more than 150 cases of heinous offences, killers procured fake age certificates from a rogue principal by paying fixed bribes. This expos√© should act as an eye-opener and should serve as a warning to the legal system, where the police and courts are being conned.¬† This should be taken up as a big challenge by lawmakers. A senior police officer from Bihar had once told me that one could easily prove in courts that a snake was indeed a rope, and vice-versa. It seems that his words have come true.

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