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AKB Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Thursday mocked Congress leader Rahul Gandhi’s “khatakhat” remark and told a Pratapgarh rally in Uttar Pradesh that the Congress-led INDIA bloc will disintegrate “khatakhat” (very fast) after the poll results are out of June 4. Modi also said, after June 4, the shehzadas (referring to Rahul Gandhi and Akhilesh Yadav) will also leave India “khatakhat” (in a jiffy). Modi said: “They have lost from Amethi, and will lose from Rae Bareli too. After June 4, INDI alliance will disintegrate khatakhat, the shehzade (princes) will leave for summer vacation abroad. I have information that they have booked their air tickets.” Rahul Gandhi in his election rallies has been telling voters that after June 4, when INDIA bloc will come to power, Rs 1 lakh (Rs 8500 per month) will be deposited in the bank account of each woman belonging to every poor household in India every year, “khatakhat”(in a second). He had said, the money will be sent to their accounts every month “khatakhat”. It was this “khatakhat” remark of Rahul, which Prime Minister Modi was mocking on Thursday. Rahul Gandhi took rest on Thursday and did not address any poll rally, but since Rahul and Akhilesh have been addressing joint rallies in UP (in Kannauj and Jhansi), Modi spoke about the two “shehzade”(princes). On Thursday, Samajwadi Party chief Akhilesh Yadav addressed a press meet in Lucknow with AAP convenor Arvind Kejriwal. Both leaders claimed that BJP will be dislodged from power on June 4. Kejriwal predicted BJP will win 220 seats this time, while Akhilesh Yadav said, BJP will win a maximum number of 143 seats only. Kejriwal also hinted that CM Yogi Adityanath’s government will be in danger after June 4 if Modi wins. The Prime Minister spoke about June 4 counting day because opposition leaders have been consistently telling crowds that BJP will be dislodged from power after results are out on June 4. UP chief minister Yogi Adityanath responded to Kejriwal’s remarks, by saying he seemed to have lost his mental balance after coming out of jail. “This could be the side-effect of staying inside jail”, Yogi said. The UP CM said, Kejriwal was deliberately trying to create confusion by saying that Yogi would lose his seat if Modi wins. The UP CM said, “I am a yogi, I do not lust for power. For me, the nation and Sanatan dharma is supreme, for which I am ready to sacrifice everything, even my chief minister post. Kejriwal should worry about his own CM seat.” I have also written in my blog yesterday about how predictions of oppositions leaders proved wrong in 2019. I cited dates when these leaders made their predictions five years ago. Their predictions were later proved wrong. I cited the predictions of Narendra Modi and Amit Shah in 2019, which were found to be correct. Congress leader Priyanka Gandhi has been alleging in her meetings that Modi always backtracks from his own promises and people would not trust him anymore. This assessment will also be proved right or wrong, on June 4. As far as Kejriwal’s prediction that Yogi may be axed if Modi wins on June 4, is concerned, one can only laugh over such speculation. Kejriwal is a clever politician, but the people of India are cleverer than him. Many of the voters have now realized that since opposition leaders are afraid of Modi’s popularity, they know they cannot take on Modi directly, and that is why they are creating fresh bogeys about Amit Shah and Yogi. Their aim is to create confusion among voters, but people are not going to fall into their trap. Modi continues to tell his voters that “Aayega Toh Modi Hi”, and he also praises Yogi. Modi said, during Samajwadi Party’s rule, there was the formula of ‘one district, one mafia’, but under Yogi’s rule, a new industrial policy of ‘one district, one product’ has been launched. Naturally, Yogi has no serious competition in UP.

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