Rajat Sharma

Kejriwal’s sting politics boomerangs

If one listens carefully to what Arvind Kejriwal, his ex-party leader Prashant Bhushan and his dismissed minister Sandeep Kumar are saying, one thing becomes clear: Kejriwal and his colleagues are paying only lip service to probity, morality and sincerity in public life. Whenever Kejriwal has to win elections, he looks at the candidate’s winnability instead of honesty, and purposefully ignores the candidate’s character, corruption and background. When Kejriwal’s ministers get caught, they either say I’m a Dalit, or I’m a Muslim, but, in reality, all of them are in the same league. Kejriwal still lives under the illusion that he can mislead the public by claiming that he took quick action, but there’s an old Bollywood song ‘yeh public hai, sab jaanti hai’. Kejriwal taught his volunteers how to carry out a sting, but the traps they had dug are snaring their own ‘diamonds’ who are now turning as black as a coal. But, Kejriwal is yet to realise his mistake. He is busy carrying out stings against his own party leaders, one glaring example of this is Suchha Singh Chotepur of Punjab.

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