Rajat Sharma

Kejriwal has many questions to answer

By enacting a dramatic demonstration about tampering of a dummy lookalike EVM inside the Delhi Assembly, Arvind Kejriwal has questioned the very integrity and credibility of a reputed Constitutional authority like the Election Commission.

Using legislative immunity, Kejriwal has sowed seeds of distrust in the minds of people on the way polling is being done. As per law, an FIR should be filed against Kejriwal. The problem with Kejriwal is that he considers himself a real life invincible Bahubali. If his party wins elections, he attributes it to popular support, and if he loses, he attiributes it to EVM tampering. After securing a landslide majority in Delhi assembly polls, Kejriwal dreamt of becoming India’s Prime Minister.

He used to blame all ills on Narendra Modi, but when his party lost elections in Goa, Punjab and Delhi, he lost his sleep. His partymen told him that his arrogance cost him the elections, but Kejriwal was unwilling to accept his mistake. This fake Bahubali faced fresh problems when his trusted Katappa levelled charges of bribetaking against him.

This surely necessitates a CBI probe. And, the Income Tax department must also investigate the sources and amount of donations collected by Aam Aadmi Party.

The man who rode the popular wave of expectations of probity in public life, must now reply to charges levelled against him before the public. This is what real democracy is all about.

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