Rajat Sharma

Kejriwal has a knack of choosing fraudsters, bribe takers

In the ongoing mud-slinging drama unleashed on Delhiites by AAP leaders, Arvind Kejriwal and his cohorts have suspended ‘rebel’ Kapil Mishra, and Kejriwal himself, for the first time, tweeted cryptically ‘truth will prevail’. Let us see what happens at the special Delhi assembly session today. Even if, for a moment, we agree with Kejriwal’s assertion that Kapil Mishra’s charges are a bunch of lies, some questions do arise: Who made Kapil Mishra a minister for the last two years? He was one of Kejriwal’s select ‘diamonds’. Who made Satyender Jain a minister, against whom the CBI has started probe? Who made Jitendra Tomar a minister, who went to jail for acquiring a forged degree? Who made Sandip Kumar, implicated in sex scandals, a minister? Who made Asim Ahmed Khan a minister – the man who was caught taking bribe? All these were, what Kejriwal had claimed, “diamonds” – men of impeccable integrity. Now what can we say about the leader, who has selected liars, fraudsters and corrupt men as ministers? It is for the people of Delhi to decide.

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