Rajat Sharma

Kashmiri Pandits

There is no denial that everyone wants the Kashmiri Pandits to return to the Valley. For 25 years after having left Kashmir, the Pandits have been literally running around from pillar to post and now when there are talks of their return everyone wants to be assured of their safety and security so that they can once again start living in Kashmir without a sense of fear. The government wants a separate colony for them where they can be rehabilitated…even though others can also stay in such colonies. However people like Yasin Malik are of the opinion that such colonisation will only make matters worse and create a rift amongst them and there would be a bigger security concern since it would make the Kashmiri Pandits more vulnerable. They should instead all be living together. I am of the opinion that instead of detaining the separatist leaders, the government should engage in talks with them. There is nothing wrong if on the contrary the government were to listen to what they have to say since it might just lead to a better solution.

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