Rajat Sharma


AKB30 External Affairs Minister Dr. S. Jaishankar was my guest this week in ‘Aap Ki Adalat’. This show will be telecast on India TV on Saturday night. For the first time, Dr Jaishankar spoke in detail about how China transgressed Line of Actual Control and made heavy army deployment when there was a lockdown in India because of Covid in April-June, 2020. He disclosed how Prime Minister Narendra Modi decided to make mirror deployment of our army, and ordered airlifting of nearly 70,000 jawans to the Ladakh front. Dr Jaishankar said, the situation on LAC has now completely changed. Our soldiers stand in eyeball-to-eyeball against Chinese PLA soldiers. He rubbished Rahul Gandhi’s charge about China occupying several thousand sq km of area in Ladakh, and pointed out that India lost 38,000 sq km territory to China between 1959 and 1962. Dr Jaishankar did not hide or obfuscate facts. He spoke out clearly and precisely and did not try to dodge questions. He explained why army commanders from both sides met 19 times in Ladakh, and why PM Modi’s 18 one-to-one meetings with Chinese President Xi Jinping did not work out. Jaishankar said, India is now the only country in the world which stands eye-to-eye against China on the border. China is no doubt a sensitive subject and what Dr Jaishankar said will give you a clear insight to the happenings on the ground. He said there appears to be “a plan, an order” behind Chinese transgressions on LAC. Dr Jaishankar also spoke about how Prime Minister Modi, in a last-minute effort met two or three important leaders at the G20 summit and persuaded them to adopt the Delhi Declaration unanimously. You will also get insight about different facets of Modi’s foreign policy vis-a-vis America, China, Saudi Arabia and Pakistan. Do remember to tune in to India TV on Saturday night at 10.

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