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AKB30 Prime Minister Narendra Modi addressed two election meetings in Uttarakhand and Rajasthan and had a video conference meeting with party workers of Bihar on Tuesday. At all his meetings, Modi promised to take strong action against those who are corrupt, howsoever big they may be. Modi launched a blistering attack on Congress leader Rahul Gandhi for his remark at Opposition’s Ramlila Maidan rally. He said, “The shahzada (prince) of Congress royal (shahi) family has given a call that if the country choose the BJP for the third time, the country will go up in flames. They have been out of power for ten years after ruling the nation for 70 years. They are now speaking about setting the country on fire. Will you allow the country to be set on fire? Is this language acceptable? Is this the language of democracy? Won’t you teach a befitting lesson to those who utter such words? This time, do ensure that not one of them can win.” Modi said, “this is the first election in which most of the corrupt politicians are uniting together to stop our action against corruption. Don’t you think the corrupt should go to jail? Those who are corrupt are threatening and abusing me, but they can’t stop me. Action will be taken against each of those who are corrupt… Our slogan is “Throw Out The Corrupt”, their slogan is “Save The Corrupt”. The people will have to decide.” The Prime Minister said, not many days are left for the third term of his government to begin. He promised to take speediest action against corruption, once the third term begins. Modi remarked that whatever achievements made during the 10 years of his rule was only a trailer. “The upcoming third term of our government will see historic and decisive measures to propel the nation forward. Much remains to be accomplished.” There is not an iota of doubt that Modi is going to take some big decisions once his third term begins in June this year, if all goes well. He has been regularly giving indications about this. At a business summit, he told industrialists that much of the work has been stalled due to elections, but once the new government is formed, big decisions will be taken. He said, work on these decisions has been going on for last several months and nearly 1.5 million people have been contacted to take their advice. The same indication was given by Narendra Modi in his address to the RBI on its 75th anniversary. Modi told the RBI officials that so long as the general elections are going on, they may have some rest, but once the third term begins, they will have a lot of work in hand.

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