Rajat Sharma

India should be ready for a long battle in ICJ on Jadhav issue

As the nation welcomes the International Court of Justice’s order granting stay on execution of Kulbhushan Jadhav in Pakistan, one note of caution: we should be ready to face a long-drawn battle in court. Pakistan is going to come up with more ruses, and India should respond accordingly. If one carefully studies the court order announced on Thursday, one fact becomes clear: the ICJ rejected each of the arguments made by Pakistan, whether on issue of jurisdiction, or on granting consular access. The Pakistani media is livid with anger, and Nawaz Sharif government is facing severe criticisms. The Pakistani lawyer was given 90 minutes to place his country’s arguments, but he had hardly 30-minute worth material to defend his country’s case. According to Pakistani media, he was given a fat fee of Rs 5 crore to appear before the ICJ, compared to Re. 1 taken by our lawyer Harish Salve. The Pakistani lawyer was completely unprepared while defending his country’s position. On the other hand, Harish Salve appeared before the court with solid facts, and he was fully prepared. India was won Round One of the battle, and should now be prepared for the next round. This is just the beginning.

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