Rajat Sharma

INDIA on PAK action

In the aftermath of the Pathankot attack, perhaps for the first time there is a visible change in the manner in which Pakistan has responded. This has happened primarily because when Narendra Modi recently visited Lahore, he had asked Nawaz Sharif “what has war yielded? Neither land nor heaven”. Since then Nawaz Sharif and his brother have been reiterating the futility of war and terrorism. Ironically post the 26/11 attack, Pakistan had refused to accept that Ajmal Kasab who was caught alive, was a citizen of its own country but this time they have not refuted India’s claims that the terrorists in the Pathankot attack had entered from Pakistan. And perhaps for the first time they have accepted that the evidences provided to them by India are strong enough. One can hope that our neighbour will strong action before the 15th of January so that there are no brakes in the Foreign Secretary level talks between the two countries.

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