Rajat Sharma


akb0309 For the first time, on Friday, came reports which suggest the noose is gradually tightening on BJP MP Brij Bhushan Sharan Singh, the Wrestling Federation of India chief, who is facing sexual harassment charges from female wrestlers. Till Friday, he continued to be adamant threatening to hang himself if the charges are proved. It appeared the government was also trying to protect him. Such an impression unnerved our female wrestlers who were sitting on dharna at Delhi’s Jantar Mantar. The wrestlers found that , on one hand, while Delhi Police did not take time in filing FIR against them from trying to break police barricade during their march to Parliament, the complainants had to go to Supreme Court which had to issue direction to Delhi Police to file FIRs against the MP. The female wrestlers started feeling that Delhi Police, instead of taking action against the Federation chief, was trying to prove whether the female wrestler was adult or adolescent. Police was even investigating the veracity of the birth certificates submitted by the female wrestler ignoring that these certificates were used for participating in international tournaments. All these signals were not good. This allowed the Khap Panchayats, Congress, Aam Aadmi Party and other busybodies to jump into the fray to reap political benefit. But on Friday, BJP leadership directed Brij Bhushan Sharan Singh to stop making public comments, and the UP government refused permission to him to address a rally in Ayodhya, the rally had to be cancelled at the last minute. These developments indicate that the government has realized that the ruling party could face problems because of the slipshod manner in which the entire matter was handled. Visuals of the female wrestlers being dragged by policewomen at Delhi’s Jantar Mantar, can make any proud Indian weep. Such action cannot be defended. The insult crudely meted out to our daughters who won medals for our country can hurt any self-respecting Indian. One should now hope that police will stop being partial from now onwards and the daughters who lodged complaints will get justice. This is the call of time. I would like to praise Sunil Gavaskar, Kapil Dev, Roger Binny, Madan Lal and Kirti Azad, who extended support to the female wrestlers. The joint statement issued by the 1983 World Cup winning cricket team will give strength and courage to our female wrestlers.


Rahul Gandhi has stirred a fresh controversy by describing Muslim League as a ‘secular party’, while interacting with media at the Washington National Press Club. BJP leaders questioned his knowledge about history and Partition, while Congress tried to differentiate between Jinnah’s Congress and the IUML (Indian Union Muslim League) in Kerala, which is an alliance partner of Congress in United Democratic Front. Indian Union Muslim League is a registered political party, hence it cannot be technically called a communal organization. But the question may be asked on what grounds are Rahul Gandhi and other opposition leaders describing BJP as communal. BJP has been given a mandate by the people of India. It is the ruling party both at the Centre and many other states. Yet, Rahul Gandhi almost daily calls BJP a communal party. Actually, the topic is less technical, and more political. Rahul’s reply displays his political immaturity. It may be that because of community based equations in his Wyanad constituency, such a remark could be his compulsion, but from a national and political point of view, his remark is not justified. Congress MP from Thiruvananthapuram, Shashi Tharoor was my guest this weekend in my show ‘Aap Ki Adalat’. I asked him whether it was justified for Rahul to say in London and the US that democracy is dead in India. Shashi Tharoor first tried to defend him by saying that Rahul did not say that foreign forces should help in restoring democracy in India. When I read out his exact quote, Tharoor agreed and said that Rahul should not have made such a remark. Tharoor is considered an expert in international affairs. He worked for 29 years at the United Nations. He said, domestic matters of a country must not be discussed in foreign lands, but he also said, it was Prime Minister Modi who started doing this. I asked him what he thinks of the Australian PM Anthony Albanese who said ‘Prime Minister Modi is The Boss’ in Sydney, and of the Papua New Guinea PM who touched Modi’s feet. Tharoor admitted that he never noticed such things in his long international career. But he also reminded what former US President Barack Obama said about the best world leader. Obama had named Dr Manmohan Singh, he said. Tharoor said, respect for a Prime Minister means respect for India. ‘It is a matter of pride for India’, he said. You can watch ‘Aap Ki Adalat’ show with Shashi Tharoor, tonight at 10 pm on India.

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