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How the Ganga ghats of Patna have been miraculously transformed

akb2301 Sixteen out of the twenty ghats on the banks of holy river Ganga in Patna have been transformed beyond recognition as part of the Namami Gange, the dream project of Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

India TV in its show ‘Aaj Ki Baat’ on Wednesday night telecast a special story on the beautification of the ghats in Patna. Till last year, most of these ghats were in a filthy condition. Remember, last year’s floods in Patna? Large sections of media, including India TV, had raised questions over how the city was waterlogged for nearly a week due to water overflowing from the river Ganga.

Under the river front beautification project, 16 out of the 20 ghats have been beautified and connected with each other, stretching over almost six kilometres, right from Collectorate ghat to Nauzar ghat.

India TV reporter Nitish Chandra walked the entire stretch and did not find a single spot in filthy condition. Madhubani paintings adorn most of these ghats to give them a classy look. Now, elderly people come for morning walk and students come here to sit and study under street lights. In the evenings, families come to these ghats for a pleasant stroll.

After dusk, these ghats present a beautiful sight with coloured LED lighting. More people now flock to the daily evening Ganga Aarti rituals at the ghats. Already nearly Rs 300 crore have been spent and more work is in progress. Food kiosks have opened under high mast street lights. Slowly and steadily, the Ganga ghats in Patna are emerging as a tourist spot.

Most of the credit for this good work goes to Prime Minister Narendra Modi, and Bihar chief minister Nitish Kumar. Without the support of state government, such results are difficult to obtain at the ground level.

Modi has brought about a complete transformation in how government utilities work. He has this knack of micro-planning, right from the top to the lowest end, and he always fixes deadlines, so that work must not linger on. The system is the same, the officials are the same, but the pace and quality of work have changed.

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