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How PM Modi hit out at opposition while giving his report card in Lok Sabha

aaj ki baatPrime Minister Narendra Modi, while giving a detailed report on what his government has done in the past 55 months, replied to each of the major charges levelled by opposition parties on the issues of unemployment, farm distress and Rafale deal. In a 110-minute reply in Lok Sabha, Modi compared 55 months of his governance with 55 years of governance by Congress, and gave a comparative assessment.

Modi’s speech appeared to be part of the agenda that he is going to set for his nationwide whirlwind election campaign that begins today from Chhattisgarh. In his comparative study of 55 years of Congress rule with 55 months of NDA governance, Modi cited facts and figures relating to railways, highways, employment, farmers’ welfare, Mudra bank loans, cleanliness driver, electrification, LPG connections, etc.

Modi vowed to continue his government’s strong drive against corruption. He narrated how nearly 3 lakh ‘benami’ companies were detected and shut down, and ‘benami’ properties acquired through ill-gotten wealth were being seized. Towards the end of his speech, a determined Modi said emphatically that the corrupt and the looters will fear him as he would spare none.

Replying to the opposition’s allegation that his government had weakened institutions like the CBI, judiciary, Election Commission and the army, Modi hit back asking who had denigrated the army by planting baseless reports of a non-existent coup attempt. He also asked who had publicly tore up a Cabinet resolution of his own party’s government.

Modi asked who had sought to weaken the EC by questioning the electronic voting machines. He also asked which party had orchestrated a move to unseat the then Chief Justice of India through a notice of impeachment motion in Rajya Sabha. He also asked which party leader had described the army chief as a street goon (sadak ka gunda).

Modi also replied to the opposition charge that his government allowed looters of public money like Vijay Mallya, Nirav Modi and Mehul Choksi to flee India. He said, his government has already taken measures to extradite these economic fugitives and has begun seizing their properties. He also pointed out how nearly 20,000 NGOs who were getting unaccounted money from foreign shores had to wind up because of his government’s tough policy measures.

The PM described the Mahagathbandhan (grand alliance) of opposition parties as Maha Milavat (grand adulteration), a combination of disparate political parties whose leaders have diverse views on major policy issues and most of them nurse ambitions to become the PM.

No doubt, the BJP cadre is going to start its Lok Sabha election campaign with gusto by using the Prime Minister’s no-holds-barred speech. The aim is to ensure that Modi’s message reaches each and every household before the crucial elections.

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