Rajat Sharma

How Hurriyat is playing with the fate of young Kashmiris

Two Srinagar youths interviewed by India TV have exposed the hollow claims being made by separatist leaders in Kashmir.

Five points emerge from the interviews of these two young men – one, Hurriyat leaders are playing with the fate of young Kashmiris for their own petty interests, two – Hurriyat leaders do not want peace in the valley and want young men to be killed by security forces, three – terrorists are attacking security forces in Kashmir by using young protesters as human shields, four – the common Kashmiri youths has no interest in waving the Pakistani flag but Hurriyat activists are coercing youngsters to do so, and five- people in the Valley are suffering financially as their earnings have completely dried up in the last three months because of the continued general strike and protests.

And yet the Hurriyat leaders continue to give calls for bandhs because it suits the interests of their political masters. Both the youths have given a valuable suggestion – if the government provides them jobs and guaranteed work, the separatist leaders will soon have to shut shop.

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