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How a local AAP leader masterminded murders and arson during Delhi riots

akb0712Life is slowly returning to normal in riot-hit areas of North East Delhi, even as Delhi Police on Thursday night filed an FIR against Aam Aadmi Party councillor Tahir Hussain and his associates on charges of murdering an Intelligence Bureau staffer Ankit Sharma. Tahir Hussain is presently evading police, though he has given interviews to news channels claiming that he was innocent.

Ankit Sharma’s brother had alleged that a mob had dragged him along with three others to a building owned by Tahir Hussain, where he was murdered and his body was found of February 26 from a drain adjoining the building.

A video emerged on Thursday in which some people were shown throwing a body into the drain flowing near Tahir Hussain’s house. The video was shot from a nearby building. An unidentified body was recovered from the drain on Thursday. This has now become a ‘drain of horrors’ as several bodies have been recovered from here after the riots. The drain flows towards Mustafabad and Gokulpuri, places where riots had taken place on Sunday and Monday.

On Thursday, another video emerged of Molotov cocktails, stones, acid filled bottles and bricks assembled on the roof top of Tahir Hussain’s building. The video clearly shows Tahir Hussain walking on the roof with a stick in his hand and peering into nearby buildings where flaming petrol bombs were being thrown. The video also clearly shows people pelting stones and bricks from the roof top.

India TV reporters on Thursday showed how all the vehicles inside a parking lot adjacent to Tahir Hussain’s building were completely charred during the riots. A family preparing sweets for a girl’s marriage in the adjoining building suffered the most with all utensils filled with sweets meant for the wedding completely destroyed.

Delhi Police has sealed Tahir Hussain’s building and is going through all the videos to ascertain the culpability of the AAP leader and his associates. The AAP councillor claimed on Thursday that a mob of nearly 150 people forcibly entered his building and kidnapped him, but his face and body does not show a single mark of scratch or injury during the interview.

Clearly, he is lying and the sooner he is arrested by the police, the better. The law courts must complete the trial at a fast pace and the murderers, arsonists and rioters must be given exemplary punishment so that criminals must not dare repeat such atrocities in future.

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