Rajat Sharma


The Jat reservation issue is nothing new. Every time there is an agitation, there are scenes of arson, of violence, roads getting blocked, trains being stopped and there is widespread damage to property and several lives are even lost in a tussle that follows. Normal life is completely thrown out of gear. The sick are unable to reach the hospital on time, people get stranded for hours, children are unable to go to school and public property is damaged. Those who are spearheading these protests must realise that this is not a political issue, this is a legal issue. Even if the government were to agree to the quota and a legislation is passed by the government, it would get rejected by the Court since it would go against the 50% cap laid down by the Supreme Court. The Jat leaders should therefore consider engaging with government and come to an understanding instead of disrupting normal life and causing inconvenience to the common people.

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