Rajat Sharma

Hamid Ansari’s Statement Has Political Connotations

Aaj Ki Baat 10th Aug Hamid Ansari has been a distinguished diplomat, Vice-Chancellor of Aligarh Muslim University, a scholar in his own right, and he adorned the post of Vice-President of India for 10 long years. On his last day in office as Vice-President, he decided to give an interview in which he clearly remarked that there is a “sense of growing unease” among Muslims in recent years. The question is: if he knew that Muslims were feeling insecure, what did he do? Maybe his remark was correct. There are sections of people in every religious community who think they are living in a state of fear and unease, but when individuals in high positions make such statements, one is surprised. If Hamid Ansari felt that fear and unease was rising in the minds of Muslims, he should have taken steps. Making such a remark on the last day in office clearly shows he is indulging in politics and trying to corner the government. This needs to be addressed.

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