Rajat Sharma

Govt Must Take Strong Deterrent Action Against Lynchers

aaj ki baat 13th july A group of self-styled Gorakshaks brutally thrashed a Muslim man carrying mutton near Nagpur, and he is now fighting for his life in hospital. It turned out that the victim was an office-bearer of the BJP minorities morcha. In public life, I often meet people who ask me who these lynchers are, to which party to do they belong, to which ideology they subscribe to, and my reply is: they are goons (goondas), they indulge in hooliganism, they have nothing to do with any party or any ideology. Thursday’s incident near Nagpur has brought this out clearly. This is a matter that pertains to public interest. Despite several warnings from our Prime Minister, these goons carry on with their attacks without any fear. They call themselves Gorakshaks to save themselves from the arms of the law. Time has now come for the government to take strong deterrent action against these goons. I would rather want that the action should be so severe that nobody should dare to repeat such acts in future.

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