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Foul play in Unnao rape survivor accident cannot be ruled out

AKBOn Sunday, an empty truck, with black paint over its number plate, dashed into a car driven by Unnao rape survivor’s lawyer in Rae Bareli. Two aunts of the rape survivor died, and the victim and her lawyer are presently in critical condition.

UP police initially said it was a case of road accident, but the victim’s family alleged that the main accused in the rape case, BJP MLA from Unnao Kuldeep Singh Sengar and his cohorts had planned this collision.

Surprisingly, the police escort provided to the rape survivor was not in car at the time of accident. Police said, the rape survivor had herself asked the police escort not to come due to lack of sitting space inside the car.

The truck owner told the police that the number plate was blackened in order to evade car loan financier who wanted to collect his arrears. The truck with a blackened number plate was not stopped anywhere on the road, because police said, it was raining and visibility was poor.

Following media uproar, the UP police changed its stance and offered to hand over the probe to the CBI ‘if there was a demand’. It may be noted that the CBI is already investigating the rape case and the murder of the victim’s father.

Congress leaders Rahul Gandhi and his sister Priyanka, Samajwadi Party chief Akhilesh Yadav and other opposition leaders alleged that the accident was a plot to prevent the rape victim from giving her testimony in court. They questioned why the accused MLA was still a member of BJP.

Clearly, these opposition leaders got the chance to corner Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath’s government, because Sengar has not been expelled from the BJP. Sengar is presently in jail.

This is a serious matter since all circumstantial evidences point to gaping holes in the police version. This collision cannot be termed as a road accident in which the truck, being driven on a wide road, crossed to the wrong side and dashed into an oncoming car. The black paint on the number plate of the truck and the absence of security personnel cannot be taken as coincidence.

The Unnao MLA seems to have wielded too much clout with the authorities since the time the rape allegations were first made public.

Family members of the rape survivor were being constantly threatened, the rape survivor’s father was killed, and her uncle was jailed in connection with an Arms Act case. Undue pressure was being exerted on the rape survivor to withdraw the rape charges. The rape survivor’s mother clearly said on Monday that the accident was a conspiracy to kill her daughter and family members.

Now that the UP government has agreed to hand over the probe into this road accident to the CBI, we can only pray and hope for speedy recovery of the victim and her lawyer, both of whom are in critical condition and are fighting for their lives.

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