Rajat Sharma

Everybody should condemn fatwa against singer Nahid Afrin

It is really shocking that a group of 45 Muslim clerics have issued a fatwa against a 16-year old female singer from Assam, Nahid Afrin, raising objections to her singing at public concerts. What was Nahid Afrin’s sin? She sang patriotic and religious songs.

Instead of praising her, the clerics have issued an injunction against her. However, senior Islamic scholars say that there is ‘qawaali’ (singing of religious songs) singing every day at dargahs. Then why was this injunction issued? Is it justice? This should not be tolerated by all right-thinking people.

One should praise Nahid Afrin for standing up against this injunction and giving the clerics a resounding reply. One should also ask all those intellectuals who were raising their voice against so-called intolerance and had returned their awards to the government.

We are waiting for these so-called secular intellectuals to speak up against the Muslim clerics.

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