Rajat Sharma

Delhi’s health woes

The Lt. Governor of Delhi is presently away in USA. It is also correct that the MCD did not do its work properly to get rid of mosquitoes. The one or two AAP ministers of Delhi government who have rushed back to the capital are however not speaking on the main issues like Dengue and Chikungunya. They are stressing more on why the media is highlighting the issue. The ministers are saying Prime Minister Modi’s government has taken away their power, the Lt. Gov did not allow them to work. In that case, these ministers should also say that there are impending elections in Punjab and Goa, and the party would first think about the people living there. It needs their votes. The party will think about the fever of Delhites later. The conditions in Delhi’s hospitals are too bad. Four patients are sleeping on a single bed. There are long queues of patients waiting for diagnosis, shelling out Rs 1500-Rs 2000. Each doctor is handling as many as 200 patients, but the Health Minister at the Centre thinks his work is over by sending advisories to the state government. It would have been better if he had visited the hospitals himself and found out the ground realities for himself. If the Delhi government is unable to take care of the patients, he should have at least ensured that the hospitals run by the Centre in Delhi worked satisfactorily.

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