Rajat Sharma

Delhi riots were pre-meditated, planned days in advance

AKB As Friday prayers passed off peacefully in the riot affected areas of North East Delhi, the official death toll rose to 42 as four more people succumbed to injuries in hospital. Delhi Police special investigation team and forensic experts went through evidences found from former AAP councillor Tahir Hussain’s building and the nearby drain from where corpses were recovered.

The manner in which stones, bricks, petrol and acid bombs were stored on the roof of Tahir Hussain’s building, along with large slingshots kept on the terrace clearly show that the riots were pre-planned days in advance. Eyewitness accounts reveal that a large number of outsiders from a neighbouring state had come to these areas to carry out arson, stoning and murders. Most of these outsiders vanished after the riots.

Reports say there were two big criminal gangs who had infiltrated North East Delhi to execute their diabolical plan. They were experts in committing crimes and had brought a large number of country made pistols from which more than 900 rounds were fired during the riots.

The criminals who had come from outside had bigger plans to carry out mayhem for a prolonged period but for the timely intervention of National Security Adviser Ajit Doval who personally went to the riot-hit areas on Tuesday night and foiled their plans. The criminals knew that they would be rounded up quickly and they simply vanished. The rioter, Shahrukh, who was seen brandishing a pistol at a Delhi police constable also went underground along with these criminals.

Most of the residents of these riot affected areas, both Hindus and Muslims, disclosed that the rioters had come from outside and they had never seen them before. They were moving around like professional criminals who knew what they wanted to do. Police is now going through all the call detail records in the areas of cellphones that had come from outside, and what messages were being circulated via social media. The investigators want to zero in on the criminals who had come to Delhi from outside.

India TV reporters found large iron slings used on rickshaws and rooftop of a public school building for carrying out arson attacks during the riots. The slings were carved out by welding large pieces of iron to give a better effect. Similarly, bottles filled with acid and petrol were found on the rooftop of Tahir Hussain, clearly indicating that the riots were pre-planned. Two big schools, DRP School and Rajdhani School, both in Shiv Vihar were completely destroyed by rioters and later they were used as launching pads for attacks.

Pakistan’s ISI had been trying to foment communal tension and strife in India with the help of its sleeper cells. Terrorist Ajmal Kasab was sent to Mumbai with a sacred thread tied to his wrist to mislead investigators that he was a Hindu. Terror attacks were carried out on temples and mosques in order to create bitterness among Hindus and Muslims, but the people of India, irrespective of religion, have already seen through the game plan of our enemies. All efforts to sow discord and communal strife have been rejected by both Hindu and Muslim communities, who have been living in peace for centuries.

It is time for all of us to ignore provocative messages and videos being circulated on WhatsApp, Twitter, Facebook and other social media tools. The people of India must rebuff Pakistan’s plans to create misgivings and hatred among communities. Time has come to give a strong reply to those who want to defame India in the eyes of the world.

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