Rajat Sharma

Death sentence to Nirbhaya rapists should serve as a warning

The Supreme Court’s three-judge bench has upheld the death sentence given to four convicts in the infamous Nirbhaya gangrape case that rocked the nation’s conscience after December 16, 2013. I welcome this judgement as I believe, it should serve as a warning to future offenders. One of the rapists escaped the death sentence, because he was a juvenile (below 18 years) at the time of incident. He was sentenced to three years imprisonment under the Juvenile Justice Act and then released from jail. This juvenile’s act during the gangrape incident was horrendous, and he should have also been given the death sentence. We read news of rape incidents in newspapers almost daily, and watch faces of the accused on TV screens. Our blood boils when he see these offenders, and yet the common man, somehow or other, feels helpless. Because rapes continue to take place in our society. The Supreme Court verdict may strike some level of terror in the hearts of rapists, but what is required is this: Every mother should teach her son, every sister should teach her brother, to respect women. This is the only way out.

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