Rajat Sharma

Death of cattle at cow shelters is nothing short of cow slaughter

akb 2 (002)The death of 36 cows at a cow shelter run by a private trust in South Delhi on Friday exposes the hollow claims of those who are advocating cow protection day in and day out. Fringe groups have been lynching individuals in the name of cow slaughter and cattle smuggling, triggering fierce debates on social media. Leaders who indirectly condone lynching often cite cow slaughter as the main reason for such attacks, but I personally feel that death of cows in cow shelters is nothing short of cow slaughter.

The cow shelter in South Delhi was being run by a trust, and the South Delhi Municipal Corporation staff used to dump stray cows at this shelter. These cows were not being fed at all at the shelter. When India TV reporter visited the cow shelter sprawling on 20 acres of land, he found the conditions pitiable. It was surprising how cows were alive without food in such conditions.

Those who proclaim themselves as ‘gau-rakshak’ and consider cow as their mother, frequently speak out against cow slaughter, but they fail to notice the number of stray cows walking on the roads, dying after consuming plastic bags from heaps of garbage.

The first and foremost duty of such people should be to ensure that the cow shelters are run properly. This work is more important than stopping trucks carrying cattle and bashing up the drivers. If ‘gau-rakshaks’ look after the cow shelters properly, they will be doing a great service to the nation. They will be saving the lives of thousands of cows, and mob lynching incidents will come to an end.

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