Rajat Sharma

Credibility of Hurriyat leaders at stake

Two things have now become clear after the all-party delegation’s visit to Jammu and Kashmir. One, the Centre is trying its utmost to bring back normalcy in the valley, and the opposition parties are with the government, Two, separatist leaders of Hurriyat Conference do not want normalcy to be restored. The question now is: what do the Hurriyat Conference leaders want? They may have been dissatisfied with the Centre, but why did they refuse to even speak to the all-party delegation? The answer was given by Abdul Ghani Bhat. Hurriyat leaders want India to start unconditional talks with Pakistan. But the stance taken by Hurriyat leaders on not even speaking to Indian political leaders, raises question about their credibility. One can understand if they speak for the people of Kashmir, but to advocate for Pakistan? Nobody can accept.

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