Rajat Sharma


There have been controversies in the past few months over certain content published in the RSS mouthpiece Panchjanya and Organiser. This time though, it is the Congress’ turn to be embarrassed over ‘Congress Darshan’. Party leaders have held Sanjay Nirupam guilty of the gaffe simply because he has earlier worked for ‘Saamna’. Truth is that Nirupam is himself shocked how such controversial material found its way into the magazine which runs under his leadership. Actually, the individual who supposedly penned these articles on Nehru and Sonia Gandhi just did a copy-paste job. He carried a simple search on Google and lifted whatever he found without even reading it. Neither the editor went through the piece nor did any of his colleagues. Now that the article has been printed, the writer has been sacked and Sanjay Nirupam has had to tender an apology.

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