Rajat Sharma

Congress will have to face consequences on cow slaughter issue

The grisly incident in Kerala in which some Congress leaders openly slaughtered a calf and distributed its meat among people, is bound to cost the party politically.

Congress vice-president Rahul Gandhi tried to limit the damage by condemning the incident and suspended three party leaders, but it has put an indelible scar on the minds of Hindu society, whose sensibilities have been offended.

The Congress and other political parties should understand that cow slaughter is not merely an issue relating to animal protection.

The sensibilities of Hindu society are closely linked to this emotional issue. The party will now have to face the consequences, and mere apologies or distancing the party from the perpetrators will not suffice.

Meanwhile, West Bengal chief minister Mamata Banerjee has opposed the Centre’s notification regulating sale of cows and buffaloes at animal markets, saying it goes against the federal structure.

She is well aware of the fact that the Centre has issued the notification from the Environment Ministry knowing fully well that it falls within its jurisdiction.

She is free to challenge it legally, but it may not stand legal scrutiny. Moreover, her party is already facing charges of Muslim appeasement in Bengal. There have been demonstrations on this issue in her state, and her opposition to regulation of cow slaughter is bound to cost her politically.

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