Rajat Sharma


It is no secret that once upon a time the Bachchan family shared a close bond with the Nehru-Gandhi family. Amitabh Bachchan and Rajiv Gandhi were friends and it was on the Rajiv’s insistence that Amitabh joined politics and became a Member of Parliament. However the Bofors scandal changed it all and the two families drifted apart. Amitabh had even said of the Gandhis that they were the ‘kings’ and he was merely a ‘pauper’ and it was the king’s prerogative to decide on whether to continue with the friendship. With relations being embittered between the two families, the Congress has never missed an opportunity to hit out at Amitabh Bachchan. Prithviraj Chavan was literally drubbed when as the CM of Maharashtra he had invited Amitabh for the inauguration of the Worli Sea Link. Following the intervention from the party high command, the invitation was later withdrawn. Even at the Goa Film Festival the invitation to Bachchan was withdrawn. Now with the Modi government having invited him for the 2-Year anniversary, the Congress has raised the issue of the Panama Papers which is only pretext to voice opposition since this feud is not new.

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