Rajat Sharma

Common people must not suffer after demonetization move

It is true that several sections of people are facing problems after the Centre demonetized old currency notes of Rs500 and Rs 1000 denominations.

If patients in private hospitals face cash payment problems relating to surgery and purchase of medicines, then the govt must step in.

The govt hopes, the situation will improve by next week, but sufferings of patients cannot wait till then. What can patients do, if private hospitals refuse to take payments through old currency notes or by cheques?

Similarly, this being the onset of wedding season, families busy with purchases are facing problems.

There is no doubt, Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s intentions to uproot black money are laudable, it will stop the parallel economy and fake currency trade in its tracks; even the common people acknowledge it, but govt should also consider practical difficulties being faced by common people.

We hope the government will surely come out with solutions so that common people do not suffer because of the demonetization move.

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