Rajat Sharma

China Has Tried All Its Tricks on Dokalam Issue

China Pic On Wednesday, the Chinese foreign ministry issued a lengthy press note detailing its stand on the Dokalam issue, and also attached maps and pictures to bolster its stand. The Chinese foreign ministry claimed that only 40 Indian troops along with a bulldozer now remain at the spot, whereas in June, when the standoff began, there were more than 350 Indian troops and three bulldozers. China was trying to send a message to its people that Indian troops have been more or less withdrawn. But the cat was soon out of the bag. The Indian army tersely said that there has been no reduction of its troops in Dokalam. In other words, India has not withdrawn its troops. China, till now, has tried all the tricks. Its official media openly issued threats of war against India, its army conducted a major war exercise in Tibet to showcase its might, its President Xi Jinping openly said that his army was ready to defend its sovereignty. But India was not browbeaten by such aggressive postures. It stuck to its stand that the standoff can be called off only when China agrees to sit at the negotiation table. China must talk and explain why it started to build a road in the disputed area at the tri-junction of India-China-Bhutan border despite India’s objections.

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