Rajat Sharma


AKB Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s address to ISRO scientists on Saturday morning in Bengaluru was historic. While congratulating them on their successful Chadrayaan-3 mission, Modi praised their role and boosted their morale with fulsome praise. He made three big announcements – (1) From now on, August 23 every year will be celebrated as National Space Day, (2) the spot where Vikram landed near the south pole of Moon has been named ‘ShivaShakti Point’, and (3) the spot where Chandrayaan-2 left its imprint has been named ‘Tiranga Point’. Modi’s praise for ISRO scientists was expected. In my opinion, Modi today sent three messages: One, he conveyed to the people of India that scientists working in ISRO are not only involved in sending rockets and spacecraft, their research in space science is vital for every Indian’s day-to-day life. From morning welfare schemes to providing weather predictions for farmers and fishermen, to issuing early warning about weather and natural disasters, space science plays a vital role. Two, he reminded people about the huge repository of knowledge lying in our ancient Vedas, puranas and other scriptures, and the need to link that knowledge to modern age. Three, Modi exhorted the young generation to work in the fields of science and research. He underlined the important role that science can play in making India a big power. Modi’s speech was farsighted and it had a message about India’s golden future.

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