Rajat Sharma

Centre must take action against CBSE officials in paper leak case

AA_akb 1 (002)It has now come to light during investigation that the Class X Maths question paper that was leaked to students and tutors, was forwarded by a parent to a senior CBSE official five days before the exam was to take place. The official routinely forwarded this to a junior police officer for investigation, and nothing happened during the intervening period because of weekend holidays. The shit hit the fan when the exam took place five days later and it was found that the question paper was already leaked. CBSE then cancelled the exam and ordered retest.

It is clear that the CBSE management has not taken the leak of question papers seriously, otherwise this could have been avoided. On its part, the Delhi Police special investigation team is still shooting in the dark. It is questioning those students and tutors who got the leaked question paper on their WhatsApp. Police is yet to ascertain who were the real masterminds behind this leak. CBSE officials, on their part, are obfuscating the entire issue by giving vague replies.

CBSE must reply why it did not take immediate steps when the leaked paper landed with their official five days before the exam. The board could have postponed the exam and could have ordered fresh question papers to be reset, but it did not.

This is a sheer case of negligence and amounts to injustice to millions of students who toiled hard for the board exam. While the police is trying to nab the real masterminds behind the leak, the Centre must immediately take action against those erring CBSE officials who were responsible for conducting the exam in a fair manner, but did not take the complaints seriously.

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