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Carry on, brave doctors and nurses, the nation stands with you in this hour of crisis

akb2910The bloodied face of Dr S. C. Agrawal, the doctor who was stoned by a mob in UP’s Moradabad town still haunts my senses. I fail to understand how people can commit such a vile act and then claim to be human beings. This visual of the doctor lying blood-stained inside his ambulance shall always remain an example for posterity to learn lessons.

Senior Islamic scholars have condemned this incident. Indian cinema‚Äôs biggest star Salman Khan has, in a video, denounced what he called “a handful of jokers” throwing stones at doctors and nurses.

Another Bollywood actor Anupam Kher reacted saying he was feeling both sad and angry. He questioned why some people are silent over this shameful act in Moradabad. People know whom Anupam Kher is referring to. Words of condemnation also came from Urdu poet Rahat Indori and yoga guru Swami Ramdev. They described this attack on doctors as despicable.

It has been revealed this morning that another person in Nawabpura locality, where the murderous attack on medical staff took place, has been found Corona positive. He is a family member of Sartaj, who died recently due to Coronavirus, and the medical staff had gone to the locality to take his family members for screening and quarantine. This goes to prove that those people who stoned the medical staff were quite ill-informed and had been completely misled by some instigators.

Some people have asked me why police is not taking against stringent action against the stone pelters in Moradabad. UP chief minister Yogi Adityanath has already ordered rounding up of the accused and they will be booked under National Security Act. Already 17 accused of stone pelting have been arrested, and police is using drone and other video footage to trace nearly 180 persons, who took part in the shameful attack on doctors and medical team. These people will be booked under NSA and it will not be easy for them to get bail under this law.

Finally, a word for the brave doctors and nurses. All of you, as brave Corona warriors, are doing a splendid job. The nation stands with you in this time of crisis. Do not be deflected from your objectives by such shameful and sporadic acts by a bunch of misguided people. Work with calm determination and vigour. We shall overcome all odds in our fight against Coronavirus.

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