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Cancelling Foreign Ministers’ talks is a right decision taken by India

aaj ki baat_frame_8663 (002)The government has taken a right decision in calling off the meeting of Foreign Ministers of India and Pakistan in New York. A day earlier, India had announced that it had accepted Pakistan PM Imran Khan’s offer for a bilateral meeting in New York, but after a nationwide outrage, the government had to reverse its decision. Pakistan has clearly betrayed India by carrying out the barbaric mutilation of the body of a BSF soldier near Jammu border. This was soon followed on Wednesday by cold-blooded killing of three Special Police officers in Kashmir, who were abducted by terrorists.

Pakistan is never going to listen to reason and it badly needs a strong rap on its knuckles. It is now as clear as daylight that the Pakistan Army and its infamous ISI do not listen to any sane voice in their own country. The Pakistani army establishment is carrying out murder and mayhem on the border and inside the Valley disregarding all canons of justice. India will now have to pay back Pakistan in its own coin.

As far as bilateral talks are concerned, there is no point starting negotiations until and unless Pakistan stops giving support to terrorists on its own soil. Pakistan PM Imran Khan wrote the conciliatory letter to our PM only because his country is under pressure from other countries of the world to stop terrorism and start dialogue. It is now upon the world community to decide how much it should trust Pakistan as far as terrorism is concerned.

Terrorists in Kashmir valley are now desperate, as they are fighting a losing battle. They have started targeting soldiers returning home on leave or policemen staying in their homes in order to create a reign of terror. Social media is being misused through fake videos and claims about policemen deserting their jobs.

One fake video went to the extent of showing Kashmiri policemen shouting anti-India slogans, whereas the fact was that they were forest department guards demanding hike in salaries. Clearly, the sloganeering audio was laid on the video, and there was clear mismatch of lip sync. Similarly, soon after three special police officers were killed in cold blood, fake news was spread on mainstream media to say that six Kashmiri policemen have deserted their jobs. This turned out to be false. None of the policemen had resigned.

India is thus not only fighting a proxy war based on weapons supplied by Pakistan to terrorists, but also a propaganda war, which it has to counter. Clearly the days of terrorists in Kashmir are numbered and Pakistan’s diabolic plan is going to bite the dust.

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