Rajat Sharma

Arvind Kejriwal’s doublespeak

When he came to power two years ago in Delhi with a huge majority, Arvind Kejriwal had promised that he would not live in a government bungalow, he would not use official cars, nor would he take excessive security. One by one, Kejriwal reneged on those promises. He currently stays in a government bungalow, uses official cars and has a big security cordon following him. Kejriwal had also promised that he would root out corruption in Delhi government, stop nepotism and wasteful expenditure. The V.K.Shunglu Committee report has nailed most of his lies. Relatives and close friends of his ministers and those in his coterie were given plum jobs at fancy salaries, bungalows and flat were allotted, party leaders were appointed in plum posts and ministers went on foreign jaunts with the public exchequer footing their bills. It is not that previous governments did not indulge in nepotism and splurging, but their leaders never claimed that they were pristine pure. On the other hand, Kejriwal presented a facade of honesty, but the Shunglu committee report has now exposed his false claims about morality in public life.

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