Rajat Sharma

Arun Jaitley

I was a witness for Arun Jaitley today in Court in the defamation case against Arvind Kejriwal. I have known Arun Jaitley for the past 42 years. I have known him since we were nobody and we hadn’t even envisaged that eventually one day he would become the country’s Finance Minister. For years our families have been very close. On both professional and personal grounds, I have always found him to be extremely honest. There are very few people like him in public who have such high moral values. And that is why I went to Court as a witness for him. I am positive that there are lakhs of people who would agree with me that Arun Jaitley is an honest man. Unfortunately not everyone can testify for him but my going to Court as his witness is but a reflection of the sentiments and feelings of all his supporters and well wishers.

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